Ernest Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company established to create smart therapeutics. Their platform is based on therapeutic bacteria, designed with synthetic techniques.  

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Therapeutic bacteria have unique properties that enable them to treat metastatic disease and inoperable tumors. These organisms are motile and active penetration of tumor tissue. In contrast, chemotherapeutic molecules poorly penetrate tissue, which leaves large regions untreated and is a primary cause of patient mortality. Active motility will overcome these intrinsic transport barriers. 


Therapeutic bacteria are nontoxic and specifically accumulate in tumors and metastases. This targeting enables delivery directly to malignant tissue, while sparing healthy organs. Manipulating targeting mechanisms is the key to developing effective therapies that are suitable for human use and that eliminate drug-resistant tumors. 


The microbial genome is highly plastic and malleable. Reconfiguration of biological components enables bottom-up design of novel therapeutic tools. Many anticancer compounds exist in the biological world. By taking cues from the living systems, rational design of bacterial genetics will create biomedical tools that are safe and effective at treating human disease.